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listen to SEGAL's fretless recordings

Greg Segal acquired Frank Zappa's fretless guitar branded Acoustic on the headstock on 13 April 1985 from a now- defunct music store in Reseda, California, called Harmony Music, it was made by Bartell of California.

“The acoustic fretless showed up there in 1982 and they wanted $1,400 for it, and I couldn’t ever imagine even having that kind of money. But even at that price, I figured it would be gone inside a week.

“Instead, it sat there for three years. Every time I came in, I’d look for it - it was love at first sight - figuring it would soon be gone. The price kept dropping. I asked the owner of the shop why he thought it wasn’t selling. He said people would come in and try it, but it ended up being too weird for them. I was dumbfounded. The fretless took years to sell.”

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Here are the recordings that Greg made with that unusual and distinctive instrument

King of Illusion
From A Man Who was Here, Album

King Of Illusion.jpg

Faro inspects the Boarder -
From Asleep or Somewhere else, Album

LA River Rafting
From Darkland Express part two

Darkland Express pt 2.jpg

Zap 'n' the Cap'n
From Asleep or Somewhere else, Album

Asleep or Somewhere else.jpg
An Awareness of Frameworks.jpg
Asleep or Somewhere else.jpg

Soul Catcher
From Awareness of Frameworks,  Album

An Awareness of Frameworks.jpg

Neil Smith's Invisible Trike pt2
From The Standard  Album

The Place of Three Roads
FromAwareness of Frameworks,  Album

Wednesday 10 p.m
From In Search of the Fantastic, Album

GREG SEGAL A130 fretless clean.PNG
In Search of the Fantastic.jpg

Sting It
From Bret Hart/Greg Segal/Duets 1 Album

Free Row
From Bret Hart/Greg Segal/Duets 1 Album

Bret Hart Greg Segal Duets 1.jpg

Revolving Doors
From A Play of Light and Shadows Album

A Play of Light and Shadows.jpg
Bret Hart Greg Segal Duets 1.jpg

Processes Unknown
From The Old Familiar Place Album

The Old Familiar Place.jpg
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